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Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents Zante

Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents

Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents in Zante has been amazing over the last three years with this years showing a sneaky peak at what you can expect while leaving you to discover what's too rude for the TV camera!  Luckily we have the interview for YOU! With this years Zante Hero Kieran Macklin-Page !!!


Zante Team: Hi Kieran! Thanks for joining us,tell us about one moment of your holiday which you really hope Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents DOES'NT show on tonights programme!

Kieran: There is most definitely a few moments that i'd love never to see the light of day but the stand out moment has to be me drinking my own sick for no paticular reason.. Not my finiest Moment at all !!

Zante Team: Haha amazing! we've all been there....probably....! So back to the camera, how was it with a camera crew following you around all day!?

Kieran: ..At first it was really strange and i felt a little reserved in doing things infront of the camera but once we hit the strip i didnt want the camera to leave me.. the amount of girl attention that thing got me was unbelievable !!

Zante Team: Ha we bet theres a few other things it got you which the camera couldn't show!!! Overall, what was your most memorable moment of the holiday?

Kieran: The most memorable event for me was the night of my 19th Birthday, we headed off to the PartyO Ultimate party and i was in there drinking some of the dirtiest concuctions of alcohol ive ever tasted but it was all made up when i was brought up on stage whilst 19 girls queued to give me a kiss for each year !!

Zante Team: That's just awful Kieran! Taking advantage tut tut! Were the girls in Zante much naughtier than at home?!

Kieran: The girls in zante are something special, theyre there to have fun just as much as the guys are and in my little norfolk village theres none of that going on!

Zante Team: We bet! So we hear you will be back next year, anything to say to your soon to be fans!?

Kieran: If you ever see me out on the strip or back in england come say hello and we can all get drunk together!

Zante Team: Amazing we are sure they will! Thank you for chatting to us Kieran, you really have been a legend! Now for some quickfire questions!

Quickfire Questions!

Best club? Zeros or Linekers - TOUGH ONE
Favourite drink? Flaming Lambourghini
Zante or Home? ZANTE
Best Restaurant? BJ's
Skinny Dipping/Sex on the beach - What's your choice!? SEX every time
Where will we see you in Zante in 2013?  I'll be working in linekers for the 2013 season so be sure to come say hello