Zante Holiday Packing List

Zante Packing Checklist - Girls

The biggest dilemma every girl has when it comes to packing for any trip away is what to pack. Pack too much and end up going over your allowance (15kg is really too little for a whole week!). Pack too little and end up wearing everything twice when it’s soaked with sweat and alcohol spillages. Gross! 

Here is a simple 18-30's guide to pack what you need for Zante and avoid any awkward moments at the airport when you have to pay that extra weight fee which cuts into your drinking money. And we do not want that!! 

Assuming you're here for a week you're going to have ideally three outfits a day, so that’s 21 outfits! 

Before you think that’s crazy, the bikini is the first outfit, the second being your day outfit and the third your clubbing clothes. You don’t have to bring 7 bikinis (but there is so much choice!) but feeling the same bikini you spent the whole day sitting in and sweating under the heat ain't great.

Day outfits are just shorts, skirts or a simple day dress. Something light and easy to pack so you can cover up sometimes (because sunburn is not an attractive sight).  Then it’s the nightwear. Dresses, tops, shorts, etc. basically what you would wear on a night out normally but you can go shorter and more daring as you will be looking proper boss with your tan and it’s not the artic like over in the UK! Another advantage of it being at least 22 degrees the entire time is your hardest decision is wearing shorts vs wearing a skirt - take both & wear the skirt when you intend to do a little bit of flashing!

A couple of Notes to make sure you're aware of:

Mosquito Repellant:

 They are bloody everywhere in Zante, day and night, you can’t escape them! And you can be really lucky and naturally repel them but if you're not get some spray for your room or a plug in to repel them, get it built into your sun cream or those bracelets you can get. Trust me you want to protect yourself. To buy in resort is quite expensive but if you forget to pack it it's worth it! 

Beach Towels:

Yes bring a beach towel. You will need it. Hotels charge a lot for missing towels and you don’t want to risk it. Plus you don’t want to use the same towel you’ve used at the beach for drying yourself after a shower to get all the sand off. Because sand gets everywhere! You only need one, and you can easily dry it on the balcony although just take it off before you go out as they have been known to fall or “go missing”

Hair Straightners:

The humidly does horrible things to a girl's hair and although the natural frizzy look may work for some, if you like sleek, holiday hair the helping use of a hairdryer will help!! Failing that, some hair ties to create a cute up do which looks simple and chic, but hiding the big frizz!! This was something I once forgot when we packed after humming and ahhing about whether to bring one, and we missed it so much!


SUNCREAM IS ESSENTIAL. You make think by not wearing it you will be able to tan better but the rays are A LOT stronger than they are back at home and you will burn like a crisp. Obviously it can also cause skin cancer and all that marleky and I know you don’t want to think of that when you’re on holiday but having that then extra minutes of lathering yourself up spares you spending the rest of the week in the hotel room missing out on all the fun stuff because you can’t move from the sunburn. Golden brown is attractive, red and peeling is not! Sunglasses and sun hats, whatever helps! It's Also expensive in Zante so pack ahead!

If we've forgotton anything essential then let us know at!


Travel Insurance
Money (Euros!)
Flight Tickets
Spare Credit/Bank Card

Real Essentials

Hair Straightners
Make up
Sunny G’s
A Good Book/Kindle

Don't Miss out...

Face wash
Make up remover
Cotton Buds
Hairdryer (Min one per group)
Hair Ties

Go Naked...Or

Flats/Heels/Wedges/Converse/Vans etc
Flip Flops
Small socks (it's hot!)
Tank Tops
General Tops
Sexy Pants
Bikini's (lots!)
Fancy Dress (or buy in Zante)

Also bring:

Beach Bag
Clutch/Going out Bag
Extension Lead
Travel Adaptor
Phone Charger
Hungover T Shirt
Sun Cream
After Sun
Condoms (you know boys!)
Ipod Docking Station
Beach Towel
Travel Sickness Pills
Mosquito Repellant