The Complete 18-30’s Guide to Working Abroad


How To Work Abroad in Zante 2018


The Working Abroad Blueprint for 18-30's

The Complete Blueprint to Working Abroad


Are you 18-30 & wanting to know exactly how to Work Abroad so that the biggest problem you have is deciding how best to spend your summer nights after work partying then this is for you!


If the thought of doing nothing just because you're not sure exactly how to organise accommodation, get a job and generally Work Abroad then this is probably the most important message you're going to read this year.

"This book is perfect for anyone looking to work abroad in a clubbing destination for the first time. I wish I'd had it before my first season" Jamie - 3 Time Summer Worker

The Secrets to Working Abroad Successfully

For the last 5 years, hundreds of people have emailed or called me and my team every year for advice on working abroad - as someone who runs events in Zante itself and regularly works with the biggest clubs, bars and other events on the island - as well as running Zante's biggest online 18-30's website.


Tens of Thousands of 18-30 sun lovers every year get excited and talk about working abroad. The thought of sunburn on your nose and sand between your toes - lying on the beach with a drink in your hand, is understandably amazing.  


But over 90% won’t even get round to booking a flight to the island of their dreams. Where do I start? How can I budget properly? How will I find somewhere to live that’s affordable? Can I do it all alone and how will I make friends AND get a job?


So for those unsure about whether to work abroad, not sure how to go about doing it or who missed out on a place with us - I've decided to release the most important guides, details and essential information I've learned and seen by running events in Zante & employing workers for years to give you total peace of mind when deciding to Work Abroad. The Book Covers Zante, But also Ibiza, Kavos, Magaluf and Tenerife so you'll pick up tips aside from just Zante too.


If you follow the guides and techniques in this book you’ll learn the complete step by step blueprint to working abroad. You’ll automatically know what to do to prepare yourself for working abroad before you leave, won’t worry about finding a place to live, will learn the best methods to getting the jobs you want as soon as you need – and very likely have the most amazing summer ever! In fact I personally guarantee you will feel less worried and more knowledgeable about Working Abroad after reading it.


The most successful people who work abroad usually have a plan and stick to it. This is the best way to ensure that you only need to worry about having a good time is to make decisions and stick to them so you have peace of mind – otherwise you risk worrying about what to do and end up doing nothing at all. Once you’ve done this you’re ready to live the summer of a lifetime.


Here’s your action plan to get yourself to do the decision making so you can have complete peace of mind and the most amazing summer working abroad:

1) Get this Book
2) Follow the steps outlined in each sections guide
3) Have the summer of a lifetime!

In this Exclusive, Breakthrough Book here's just some of what you will Discover:

The BEST Things About Working Abroad - Including some you won't have thought of yet

The 10 ESSENTIALS You must take with you when you leave the UK

The dates you need to arrive in resort and when not to arrive

Getting to your resort including flights & transfers for those who are new to the Island

The 3 methods to get your accommodation sorted before you arrive for total peace of mind

How to pick accommodation and the essentials you'll want included

The first things you need to do once you've landed on your island of dreams

The types of people you'll meet working abroad

Complete guides to the most common jobs you'll get while working abroad

6 Essential things you need to do when you go to meet bar, club, event and other venue owners

5 Obvious "but not so obvious" ways to ensure you keep your dream job once you've got it

The best ways to save Cash while Working Abroad - How NOT to run out of money

 The main costs of Working Abroad

 Ways to earn extra if you need to up your earnings

 How to stay in touch with friends & family for Free

 How to avoid heavy bank transfer fees if you're transfering money to or from abroad

The unique and amazing places you NEED to see if you're spending a summer in Zante

The BIGGEST Myths about Working Abroad that you simply won't need to worry about

Staying Safe in Zante - Emergency telephone numbers

 Workers Stories - by people who have been there and done it

How to find roommates FAST if one of yours leaves & you want to stay without a big rent bill

✓ Answers to your most common and essential questions - taken from our 250+ survey of people looking to work abroad

Instant Access

If you were to hire someone to find out all of this information and plan to Work Abroad as well as spend the time you would be paying well in excess of £250 additionally on top of your accommodation with most companies.

The Full Price of the Working Abroad Blueprint is £20. But if you order before the deadline you can get instant access, you can get this for just £12.99 including Postage & Packaging - a discount of over 35%

Plus - FREE Ebook for Instant Access!

You'll also receive an Ebook of the entire Working Abroad Blueprint completely free - for instant access on the go - perfect for reading if you're bored at uni, college, work or home and have your phone/laptop to hand!

Your Personal Guarantee

This book comes with my 100% money back guarantee.

If for any reason you feel like you're not happy and that you're not more knowledgeable about Working Abroad after reading all you have to do is send me an email and I'll refund you the full amount.


For the First 1000 each season who secure their personal copy - You'll get PERSONAL Assistantance from me or one of my team for any questions you may have in the run up to Zante 2016 - you'll get your very own email address to sent them through to and receive priority replies from the guys that know! Sorted! 🙂

But Act Fast!

Copies of this book will be available at the Special Offer price of just £12.99 and if you're reading this - then people have already started securing their Special Offer. 

If you'd like to learn exactly how to go about Working Abroad simply click the paypal button below, enter your address and payment details and secure your offer right now.  

I look forward to speaking with and seeing you in Zante next summer. Secure  your offer now and I'll speak to you when we email.