Zante Workers 2017

Work in Zante 2017!

If you're interested (or Desperate) or Work in Zante in 2017 and want to know how to do it - then Sign up for your Free Guide Below!

We literally wrote book on working abroad for 18-30s!
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Zante Workers 2017
Are you aged 17-25 and want to Work in Zante in 2017? Then Read on!

Working in Zante 2017 will be one thing you'll never regret! Have the summer of a lifetime! Meet amazing people! Every night is like a Saturday night back home except BETTER!

Months of summer sun, over 100 bars and clubs on your doorstep and the beach a 2 minute walk from work! Yes - This is the life! 

How do we know? We've helped over 1000 people work in Zante & spent almost 10 years in this amazing resort! As the only Working Abroad Company to run events in resort we know what it takes, and how to survive on work, drinking, partying, sleeping, rinsing and repeating! So sign up for your free guide!

Work in Zante 2017 - With ThisisZante

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The Beach....


Typical jobs in Zante include:

✔ Bar Work
✔ Specialist Bartenders
✔ Dancers
✔ Club & Bar PR’s
✔ Shot & Laughing Gas Sellers
✔ Ticket sellers
✔ Restaurant PR’s
✔ More!


✔ Having Radio 1's big weekend, music artists, over 100 clubs & bars and 3 miles of beach less than 15 minutes from your front door. Working in Zante 2015 is what it's all about!

Or the Branch?

Zante Workers 2017

Are you/have you/will you be sitting at your desk in a years time when it's finally 25 degrees in the UK and wishing you didnt have to work 9-5 so the Sun has gone in by the time you get out?


We will be taking abroad with us in 2017 a number of people who want to get out and do something different with their lives! Think of your desk/shop/wherever you work as a means to saving (if you can!) for Zante 2017 - summer months filled with work that is actually FUN, a social life off the scale and your typical relaxing day involving getting over a hangover on the beach, going for a swim or to shipwreck island, one of the most amazing places on the planet!  Wifi is across the island so you don't need to miss people too much, just SKYPE them! WARNING:  They WILL be very jealous!

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Working Abroad is not for everyone - BUT:

If you’re seri­ous about improving your life by 100% or more within the next year, you’re prepared to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in to some seriously amazing work abroad, and you’re not timid, faint-hearted, or unwill­ing to ruf­fle a few feath­ers, then this is the Working Abroad in Zante package you have been looking for!