Zante Booze Cruise 2014 – Videos & FAQ’s


Zante Booze Cruise 2015


RUM & RAYBANS Boat Party in One Line

How do we pick up our tickets?
Within 24 hours of booking you will get your reservation confirmation and team colour!

When in Zante bring this and get down to Zante Info Centre on the Main Strip opposite Sizzle Club. A giant banner is outside so you wont miss it!

We will have all your names and have an online & offline list incase you lost your confirmation when drunk on the plane! tut tut...

Check out the Map at the bottom of this page!

Changed my dates can I reschedule?
Yes, as long as we still have places available!

Why book before?
Firstly RUM & RAYBANS is the most popular boat party in Zante, so sells out each week - this is a not to miss event so booking before guarantees your places on the boat.  Secondly it means you have more money to spend in Zante and finally if you book in full before you get tickets at the cheapest possible price - with a free ticket aboard for every 6 you buy! 🙂

See the Reviews here!

Booze Cruise Times
We will pick you up from the strip around 5:30 and you will land back around 10:30 just perfect to go home, shower and get out on the strip around midnight!  Zante Info Centre where you pick up your in resort tickets will give you any more info you need.

Team Blue or Green & What's the theme!?
Ahh we can't tell! But be assured you will love them! Team Blue won the most cruises in 2013 but Green hit back in 2014! We can't wait for 2015

Can I get tickets to RUM & RAYBANS and a Wednesday night event?

Yes! RUM & RAYBANS Drops you off around 11pm so theres time to get home, shower & change ready for action! Most events begin at 12-12:30!

 Other important stuff!
- 100 % Secure transactions through PayPal - for your peace of mind & ours
- Confirmation within 24 hours of booking
- Once you book that is all you pay! No nasty surprises like transfer fees etc! 🙂
- A Team based in the UK & Zante to answer any questions you have
- Check out other videos & recommendations below & get ready for the time of your life!

Zante's Legendary Booze Cruise

Get ready for the wettest and wildest time of your life this summer with Zante's biggest booze cruise!  2014 Cruises were AMAZING and we saw the 100 litre barrier smashed 8 times last year with 130 litre's of Spirits drank on 9th July 2014!

Every Wednesday we will be picking you up from the strip and taking you on an amazing 5 hour journey! With amazing DJ's, swimming stops, entertainment and the customary ton of free shots It'll be the best time you never remember! 5:30-10:30pm we are Zante's only day & night boat party - check out our recommendations, photos & more below!

It's an absoulute must!