The Zante Hangover Guide Part 2

The Zante Nightlife Hangover Guide!

Welcome to the  Zante Hangover Guide!  Thought we should warn you.You're going to have some absolute shocking Hangovers in Zante! Being sick will be the least of your worries! Here's a handy warning and treatment guide to get you through the first three!

Heres part 2!

​​​​The Village Wine "Hulk"

Cause: Spending all your money within the first 4 nights = Village wine for Pre drinks. It’s likely to occur during your last few days on holiday, can also be known as ‘The Hulk’.

Symptoms: Extreme irritation towards everyone around you: that lad/lass who brushed past you in the street? Prepare to see your rage. It’s like watching The Incredible Hulk on speed - except you'll be falling over before you can do pretty much anything - if you're lucky you'll make it into a couple of bars/clubs before being thrown out for being sick.

Prognosis: It aint looking good.

Treatment: A huge fry up and an apology to all your mates.


The Fishbowl Deceiver

Cause: God having a laugh and letting you feel fine for the first few hours of your waking day

Symptoms: When you first wake up from your heavy session you’re as happy as Larry, you’re heading to the pool to catch some rays and in the best mood possible due to your seemingly absent hangover. But wait a minute…you haven’t got away with it that easy, soon to follow is the lowest of the lows as your body finally catches up with you. There's a photo of you at Fishbowl Bar trying out their breathalyser and it's sky high!

Prognosis: An initial euphoric bliss, followed by patches of doom.

Treatment: A 5pm-8pm Nap should hopefully sort you out before dinner


The Zante 'Armageddon'

Cause: Too much sun, not enough food, and excessive amounts of booze; sambuca, tequila, absinthe, Jägerbombs…basically everything. A typical day may include RUM & RAYBANS Booze Cruise with free shots all night followed by a turn in the famous Satan's chair on the strip and possibly a flaming Lamborgini before partying in Cherry Bay until 7am.

Symptoms: You honestly believe this could be the end.

Prognosis: This is the mother of hangovers, this could linger with you for days.

Treatment: You got yourself in this state, you get yourself out of it! MAN UP!