The Zante Hangover Guide

The Zante Nightlife Hangover Guide!

Welcome to the 2016 Zante Hangover Guide!  Thought we should warn you.You're going to have some absolute shocking Hangovers in Zante! Being sick will be the least of your worries! Here's a handy warning and treatment guide to get you through the first three!


The Zero's Club Cough

Cause: Excessive consumption of Sambuca, vodka and a famous flaming Lamborgini

Symptoms: You feel like you have glass in your throat and overnight you have suddenly developed the cough of a 40-day smoker. There is a photo of you doing Zante's most hardcore drink. The flaming Lamborgini.

Prognosis: This cough is going to be with you for days & weeks, enjoy!

Treatment: Lots of water, Strepsils, and absolutely no more flamings! There's a limit of one per person for a reason!

The RUM & RAYBANS Boat Party "Fear"

Cause: Excessive consumption of spirits due to hours of FREE shots all night, Champagne Spray and diving for bottles.

Symptoms: You wake up with minimal recollection of the previous eve & night, with a few stamps on your arms and various bruises. As the day goes on you remember snippets of the night, leading to an extreme sense of paranoia and dread: “Why are people on the strip looking at me that way?”“Oh fuck what have I done.”“YES! Just remember winning Mr & Mrs Laganas on the boat…naked!” You begin to doubt yourself as a person, followed by a bout of self-loathing for the rest of the day.

Prognosis: You’re gonna feel like this all day so get used to it!Treatment: A phone call back home may help. If you're asking Mum & Dad for more money that is.


The Cherry Bay ​​​​Struggle

Cause: Too much drink-mixing, and cocktails and staying in the club until 7am.

Symptoms: Vom. (usually a rainbow of colours due to the mixture of cocktails) and the inability to rise before 5pm the following day.

Prognosis: Can’t be sure. But going out tonight is going to be a struggle - and you MUST go out.

Treatment: Lots of water, a light meal if you feel able and someone to stroke your hair. You big baby.


The "First Night" Killer

Cause: Being too F**king gassed about landing in Zante and drinking heavily for 11 hours from the first hour that you land

Symptoms: You can't move - can't talk and wish you were back at home by 10am the next morning

Prognosis: You'll be sick after cracking up the first beer of the day - Man up and just do it and get it over with!

Treatment: There ain't no treatment for this.