Zante Hotel Guide – Part 2

Zante Hotel Guide

Welcome to the 2019 Zante Hotel Guide!  So - you have probably seen Zante nightlife & Zante 2018 events but what about where you will be staying!? We have reviewed some of Zante's most popular hotels - so have a read - get excited & get ready for Zante 2018!  Here is your hotel guide!

On this page we review the Zante Plaza Hotel, Hotel Karras and Majestic Spa Hotel Zante for 2019!  Scroll down to the bottom for more Zante hotel reviews & guides coming soon!

Hotel Karras

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Location: 10 mins walk from the main clubs and the beach! Taxi is about 7 euros and its next to garden palace if you get lost! Walk up about 5 mins to find loads of great smaller bars before hitting the main strip as they are great for pre drinking!

Quality: A basic, but nice hotel with decent management! 6 out of 10 and does everything you need!

Other: Hotel Karras is one of the more leiniant hotels for allowing people back - but not always. Be discreet and respectful!

Go there if: You want your average decent hotel, decent price and decent location! It has a pool despite the pic above!

Majestic Spa

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Location: Bang on the strip! No walking for you! Close to the beach as well, about 10 mins walk if you’re hanging! 5 if you aint.

Quality: A nice 7 out of 10 hotel which present’s itself as 4* quality! Saying that it’s better than most so if you paid a bit more don’t regret it!

Other: High prices – and the Spa treatments are not cheap either! But hey, its a holiday so why not relax and enjoy!

Go there if: You want to relax and unwind in a place right on the strip to go party after a day at the spa! Just lovely!

Plaza Hotel

Zante Review


Location: A 30 second walk to the strip. The beach is just a 2 or 3 minute walk as well so we would have to say it rocks!

Quality: Very good hotel, good staff and good drinks – Although the food is VERY average, but hey who’s there for the food! Sunbeds, happy hours, good atmosphere, Plaza has it all!

Other: Staff are really excellent here! it’s family run but as long as you’re just having fun and being a bit mad you will get on fine! Lads putting their mates entire suitcases tied up in the middle of a pool held down by a weight was one of the best pranks we ever saw! & The staff loved it too!

Go there if: You want a great time, decent prices, normally no tvs in your room to smash and pay for.  PLUS it's amazingly located!