Zante Hotel Guide 3

Zante Hotel Guide 2018

Welcome to part 3 of our 2018 Zante Hotel Guide for 18-30s!  We have reviewed some of Zante's most popular hotels - so have a read - get excited & get ready for Zante!  Here is your hotel guide!

On this page we review the Garden palace, Alexander the Great and TZante Hotel for 2018!  Scroll down to the bottom for more Zante hotel reviews & guides coming soon!

Garden Palace

Hotel Review

Location: 10 mins walk from the main clubs and the beach! Taxi is about 8 euros and its next to Hotel Karras and a steakhouse if you get lost! Walk up about 5 mins to find loads of great smaller bars before hitting the main strip as they are great for pre drinking!

Quality: It's ok! No roaches but don't expect a palace either! Pure 18-30's fun

Other: No 'guests' allowed back at night - strong shots at the hotel bar - decent pool

Go there if: It's cheap! A good hotel but a little far - you'll end up getting a taxi home most nights as you may be lost finding your way home!


Hotel Review


Location: Perfect. Close to the beach and clubsa & bars opposite and next to it! Don't get any better!

Quality: Really good generally! Lovely reception area, decently sized rooms and clean! Bang on we think for your base!

Other: If you like sleep at 11pm (why are you coming anyway!?) this hotel is not for you - 5am-10am are the more common quiet times in this hotel! Close to Zante Info Centre the home & party offices of the RUM & RAYBANS boat party on land!

Go there if: You want a good hotel without the horror stories you hear which is right on the strip - just don't get make up & paint on the sheets or you'll need to pay 10-15 euros/ pop to the dry cleaner!

Alexander the

Great Hotel Review


Location: A decent location! Just about crawlable when drunk & fine to walk if you're not hanging (day 1 then).  A few shops nearby to get some pre drinks if you want them & bars nearby! ๐Ÿ™‚

Quality: It's what you need! A decent place to sleep! 7/10

Other: Thomas cook for some strange reason sometimes decides to send families to Lagana and Alexander the Great seems to be one of their favourites - no idea why!  On another note the pool is pretty decent and the beach is close - yay!

Go there if: It's a good deal - food etc is all fine, rooms are clean & the staff are pretty good. Alexander isn't a palace and it's similar to lots of average hotels - don't expect too much & you should be fine!