Zante Spending Money

Zante Spending Money

How Much Spending Money to Take to Zante for a week or 2 weeks in 2019?
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Hi guys! Lauren here! So how much more money do you need to save for Zante summer 2019!? Generally I'd advise taking between 50-100 Euros per day! You don't have to break the bank in Zante (but it might be a whole lot more fun!)

Let my handy little guide help you out! ๐Ÿ™‚

We surveyed over 500 people who had been to Zante, some who had absolutely F**ked their spending money, some who had more than enough!  The average person we found out spends ยฃ530 on a weeks holiday spending - about 600 Euros!

Regardless of how you do it - you can save money by booking events in advance and getting your Zante VIP Wristbands giving you discounts at the most popular clubs & bars!

So Check out your FREE Zante spending guide and sample budgets below!

Zante spending money: Club Entry, Nights & Events

Zante has some of the best clubs & bars in Europe with Zeros, Rescue, Plus & Cocktails and Dreams being some of the most popular!

Entry is usually between 5-15 Euros on a standard night, 30-50 Euros if a big artist is playing and even occasionally free ! For Boat Party Info see Everything Else below!

As for the bars, they're almost all free. Republic Beach Bar/Club on the beach charges on a Sunday when they host the awesome White Party!

Zante Drinks Prices 2019

Zante is not Ibiza! Which means much more cash in your wallet! Still prices in the main clubs & bars are anywhere between 3-5 Euros for Beer & Vodka Mixer and 4-6 Euros for cocktails! With our discount wristbands you can get buy one get one free cocktails at some of the biggest venues like Zeros & Plus and free shots with every drink you buy! Bonus!

At either end or just off the main strip - and even in some of the smaller bars on it you can expect to get 2 cocktails and a couple of shots for about 7 Euros which is a bargain but might give you a killer headache! But great for getting on it before hitting the main clubs where you might buy just a few drinks!

Supermarket prices are generally reasonable - village wine is just 3 Euros a bottle in some places but you will not drink it for more than one night in a row with the hangover you'll get! Still super strong Rekorderlig is available for about 2 euros a can, Vodka for about 12 Euros per bottle and Schnapps for about 10! Solid pre drinking prices!

Zante 2019 Discount Wristbands

Luckily for all you savers, the 2019 Zante Discount Wristbands are now on sale soon! Meaning you'll save tons of cash on the strip and have an even more amazing week with more cash to spend! Perfect! Perks include:

Clubs & Bars

Huge Savings

Zeros Super Club Q Jump

Zeros Super Club Buy one Get one Free Cocktails before midnight

Plus Club Free Shot with Every Drink

Fishbowl - Buy one get one Free Cocktails before midnight

Plus Club - Buy one get one Free Cocktails

RUM & RAYBANS Super Cruise Speedy Boarding + Tons more! See All the deals  by clicking below!

Food & Excursions

Save cash in Zante!

10% off ALL Trips with Zante Info Centre

Including: Water Parks, St Nicks Beach Trips, Turtle Spotting & lots more!

10% Off ALL Breakfasts @ Rumours Cocktail Bar

Tons More!

Do you want to make the most of Zante with a FREE A-Z Clubbing and Events Guide for 2019!?


Food prices in Zante

You might think you won't think about food but with a hangovers - a good breakfast is a must - even if it's in the afternoon! We would recommend Rumours (10% off for wristband holders) and Paul's which are both on or right next to the main strip for a proper English breakfast - but there are loads of good places which do a full breakfast for anywhere between 5-10 Euros! ๐Ÿ™‚

Want a pot noodle for dinner? That'll be about 1 Euro 50 - Pizza 'Hub' 3 Euros a slice - A Kebab to go to bed with - 1-5 euros! Feel free to email us at if you're in desperate need & we will do our best to help you out!

For going out expect to pay anywhere between 10-30 euros depending  on what you want to eat! Hotdog and chips + a big soft drink is easily doable on a 10 euro budget but Saganaki followed by Lamb Klefiko plus a couple of alcohol drinks before a night out will be towards the 20-25 euros per head mark! Eating on the beach is massively recommended in the evening for a relax before hitting it hard!


Prices in Zante: Transport, Quads etc

Think Taxi - Think Laganas - Think about 8 Euros! Roughly 8 Euros from anywhere in Laganas to any hotel in Laganas is about right - and make sure to agree a price in advance! Don't get caught off guard when smashed at 5am on your way home!

 Quads are generally about 20 euros a day and 10 euros of petrol will get you pretty far!

If you want to get to St Nicks Beach it's best to book a coach trip through an excursion or event selling outlet or office on the main strip - visit Zante Info Centre right next to our office for reliable info and trips if you're a bit stuck.  It's bang on the strip opposite Sizzle Club. PS If you're a wristband Holder you're in Luck! You get 10-30% off ALL St Nicks Watersports and free coaches to Banana beach and back!

Boat Parties & Everything else for 2019

There are certain events you just NEED to budget for when in Zante which don't quite fit into the above! First is souvenirs for your gran. Second is a Boat Party for you!

Souvineers generally come in the form of toy turtles (5-10 Euros) or T Shirts (8-20 Euros) - Don't wait until the airport - it's expensive and pretty rubbish!

A Boat Party will cost between 55-70 Euros in Resort  - and you can book RUM & RAYBANS - Zante's Super Cruise & biggest on the Island Here to reserve your spot and the best price.  It's not the cheapest (you won't find a ticket less than ยฃ55 - 65 ) but it is the best! You'll have the greatest night of your life.

Boat Parties are a one event you cannot do anything similar to at home due to weather etc so make it a must do on your list and don't end up doing a cheap boring one - make it the night of a lifetime!

We will keep updating this page for 2018 so be sure to keep checking! Email us at if there's anything we haven't answered for you and we will get back to you ASAP! ๐Ÿ™‚

Zante Spending Money for a week

Zante Spending Money 2019 Guide - Sample Budget 1: 50-60 Euros/Day

Smart with Money? Or poor but desperately wanted to come to Zante? Then this is the budget for you to make sure you still have an incredible time!

The Luxuries: A Ticket to Rum &  Raybans Boat party - Unmissable whatever your budget is. 

Eating out means that you'll be going through 1 Euro Slices of Pizza & a Cold Beer (2 Euro) watching the sun go down with the Occasional Fry up to Get you through the day (Maggie Maes is great food and great value for this). The rest of the time it's cooking Pasta on the hob in your apartment or buying little bits here & there from the local shop. 

After your hangover is cured it's a day by the beach - don't pay for sunbeds just stick down a towel on  the sand and enjoy the sunshine. Make sure to drink water though - it's cheap throughout Laganas - 1 Euro 40 for 6 2 litre bottles will do you proud.

You'll pre drink some village wine and perhaps splash out on a cheap bottle of spirits and mixers to get you 3/4 of the way there before you hit a couple of bars then a club. Don't be expecting to get tons of drinks at the best Zante venues and events though. Unless you're a girl, good looking and a flirt that is. You can fit in a Foam or Paint Party too! You need to get a Zante Discount Wristband before too!

Average Budget: Food: 10 Euros / Pre Drinks: 10 Euros / Bar & Club Entry & Drinks: 30 Euros / Other: 5-10 Euros

Zante Spending Money 2019 Guide - Sample Budget 2: 90-100 Euros/Day

A Solid Budget means you can party like a Rockstar and still live it up during the day! Sorted.

The Luxuries: A VIP Ticket to Rum &  Raybans Boat party - Another Big Event during your week - Jet Ski 

This is a typical amount people bring to Zante meaning that you'll be attending all of the best events of your week including Rum & Raybans, Foam Parties, Paint Parties and anything else you see fit. 

Days are spent by the beach or on your lilo at the pool with a cocktail or cold beer in hand. A great place to check out for Lunch is Cool Peppers right on the beach - if you like TGI's you'll love it! Get a Quad Bike for the day, Go on Turtle Trips or head down to St Nicks Beachโ€‹ for Water Sports. 

Get some decent vodka/wine/cider or whatever you fancy and have pre drinks and card games on your balcony with the room next door before heading out to a few bars. Fishbowl, G Spot or Zeros Front Bar are great places to start your night depending on where you arrive on the strip from your hotel.

In the clubs you'll party like crazy and come home probably off your nut, with your slice of Pizza in hand and can of Amstel in the other. Zante spending money. At it's Finest.

Average Budget: Food: 25 Euros / Pre Drinks:15 Euros / Bar & Club Entry & Drinks: 50 Euros / Other: 10-15 Euros

Zante Spending Money 2019 Guide - Sample Budget 3: 130+ Euros/Day

If you're a big spender, then this is how you'll want to allocate your Zante spending money for a week

The Luxuries: ULTRA Rum & Raybans Ticket -VIP Areas - Taxi's - Jet Ski's - 

You'll also be at all the best events of your week, Total Karnage or the White Party, Foam Parties, Paint Parties & more!

Days are spent however you like but be sure to rent a car to go and see Shipwreck Beach from the top of the moutain peak -it's gorgeous! Go on the Go Karts, relax, rent a Jet Ski or Quadbike but remember to wear suncream!

Pre drinks you'll have Grey Goose between you all or at least some kind of premium spirits to get you on your way before hitting bar by bar and doing their special drinks challenges!

In the clubs you'll party like a real rockstar - try not to look at your card statement or wallet in the morning!

Average Budget: Food: 30 Euros / Pre Drinks:20-25 Euros / Bar & Club Entry & Drinks: 60-70 Euros / Other: 15 Euros

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