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With ThisisZante

Working Abroad Packages to Give You The 

​Complete Blueprint
to Working Abroad, the 

of a Lifetime with no stress and no 


The Opportunity to Experience the Best of 

Life - 
Happiness, Freedom and Fun

As a young 18-25 year old looking to have the time of your life Working Abroad in Zante is one of the Best things you can do!

Your Success doing this is obviously linked to everything going smoothly and to plan.

So you need:




Having your accommodation waiting for you upon arrival and something waiting to meet and take you there means no stress or worrying before. Dump your case and head to the sunshine!


You'll have accommodation within a 15 minute walk of the beach & nightlife meaning no trecks back at night, expensive taxi's or having to stay at a friends if it's too late and you're too tired after work or partying!


You won't need to worry or spend time finding roommates. If you're coming with a friend or friends we'll automatically pair you together. If you're coming solo we'll buddy you up so you won't end up like some people who don't have a roommate and have to pay double the costs.


Your Questions Answered




You get personal access to James & his team for any questions you have about Working Abroad in Zante. Wondering if you need to bring a Greek Sim Card? How to go about getting a job? The pay rates? If there's a gym nearby? Just send an email and you'll have it answered.


Being given the best jobs information, guides and tips will give you the best chance of getting a job as quickly as you need to in Zante so you can earn more and use it to play as hard as you work (or harder!)


This ongoing personal support will be a gamechanger to your working abroad preparations.


You'll also be able to access other Info: Island guides mean you know where to get a new phone if yours breaks - why it's so important to have a Greek sim card and the best secret places to visit with your roommates, work buddies, friends or family if they pop over to visit!

The Time of Your Life

Of course, Working Abroad is about so many things. Here are just 3:


The Experience: Some people like to travel, some people like to live abroad – you’ll get to do both and for first time workers it’s a totally new experience on a beautiful island.


The Nightlife: A paradise for party animals, where going out and getting drunk almost every night is common, accepted and encouraged! You’ll work hard but you’ll love doing it – and love the places you work for and what they represent.


The Lifestyle: How much better would your life be if after work you had your bed within a 15minute walk, as well as your friends, the sea, sunshine, amazing clubs and bars + everything else – still within a 15 minute walk? Well the answer is much better


Months of summer sun, over 100 bars and clubs including Zeros, Rescue, Cherry Bay and more on your doorstep and the beach just a 2 minute walk from work! Zante is home to some of the world’s biggest and most famous events: Europe’s biggest bar crawl, Total Karnage, The White Party, The RUM & RAYBANS Booze Cruise.  
– and this is the life you can lead while working abroad!

Here's whats included in a ThisisZante Working Abroad Package

☼ Your Accommodation for 4 weeks - waiting for you when you arrive. And we Guarantee you won't have to walk more than 15 minutes to reach the main nightlife

☼ Your roommates, allocated before you leave so you can meet them, get excited about Zante together and know who you'll be staying with before you leave the UK

☼ Free Guides giving you pre Zante excitement, info & tips

☼ Free Access to the Workers VIP Gold Group Online where you can download essential Working Abroad guides on packing, getting a job by Zante Workers and loads more. Plus priority email & help with flights

Help finding work and assistance throughout your time in Zante - including staying longer than 4 weeks, as most workers do and booking your flight home (eventually)

☼ Lots more from Zante's No 1 18-30's website & the team here. We are the only company who offers the chance to work abroad and run our own events in resort

This Opportunity Will Not be Repeated and There are only 100 places & if you're reading this they are already being booked!

Book Now - Secure Your Place & Save £50!

We give you the best information, guides and service to ensure you have the time of your life! Therefore we only offer 100 places each year and no more. No ifs no buts. Once you book with us you know you're in the best of hands.

And if you book now you'll save £50 - that's alot of drinks when you're getting workers prices

Best of All - You can book with just a £50 deposit today and decide on your dates later! 

So don't miss out...

About ThisisZante

This is Zante has the largest group of people looking to work abroad in Zante in the UK, runs events in Zante and is the UK's most popular 18-30's website for Zante.

We are the only Working Abroad company to run events in resort and over 10,000 guests have been on our boat party - RUM & RAYBANS!  

Every week over 2000 people receive info on working abroad in Zante and over 22,000 people follow our Twitter Account - @laganaszante 

This is Zante has been at the centre of holidaymakers attention for over 5 years, and has featured on multiple Zante recommendations websites and forums. In 2014 100% of people who booked with us got jobs - an industry high (and probably an industry first) and while we can't guarantee - we will do our best to make it 100/100 in 2016.