Zante 2019


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Zante 2019

Zante 2019 Events Listings

The Paint Party is one of the biggest events in Zante & where everyone spends Mondays! 

rum raybans zante

Sesh without spending too much cash and get buy 1 get 1 free at Zante's biggest SuperClub

rum raybans zante

DId you not see this featured in our 66 things to do in Zante guide? It's pretty much the NO.1 Recommendation! You HAVE to get tickets to this but it's a sell out weeks in advance! 450 people on the sea with 2 DJ's on either deck under the Zante sunset. People who see your pics you are going to hate you.

No queue, bottles waiting, mixers, guest passes to invite new friends into your area, and champagne spray on film, sent to your phones after! We've got over 8 VIP packs which we have exclusive sale of in Zante and discount every Thursday! 

foam party zante

2000 people. 1 Super Club. Zeros. Make sure you're at the foam party for an amazing night every Friday!

the all underwear ball zante

So instagram friendly it's insane. Best outfits now. Pants. Dressing gown. A bedsheet? Anything but dayclothes! It's the underwear ball! Get involved!

total karnage zante

The strip turns orange and you're going on the biggest bar crawl race in Europe. Unmissable. AND we include free superclub entry after as standard - cause why would you wanna finish your night before 5am?

Sexy, classy, sassy. Beauty parlour, A pool, the beach. It's the White Party and it's gorgeous! From 6pm every Sunday pack your whites and chill under the Zante sunset and stars.

VIP Zeros Club

Events packages and VIP nights can all be secured here! You can get them in full or pay a deposit and the rest at our office on the strip!

Clubs in Zante - Info

Clubs in Zante open later than in the UK, and shut later too! If you're close to the beach you'll pass Cherry Bay, before heading up to the big 3 - Zeros, Rescue and Cocktails & Dreams before hitting Fishbowl and Plus a little further up - with loads in between! So pre drink, head out about 10pm, drink in some bars before hitting it hard until it gets light in the morning.