Clubs in Zante

Clubs in Zante - The Guidebook to Zante Clubs

Clubs in Zante, in fact clubbing in Zante in general are NOTHING like home! The big clubs open their doors from midnight each night and the huge outside bars from 8 or 9pm. You have over 100 to pick from! Zante Clubs. They're amazing. Read on to see everything you need to know about them.

There's no shot measures, just free pouring with huge sound systems, the best DJ's, no rain, skinny dipping at 5am and the best nights you've ever had, every, single, night!

Zeros Club Zante - Featured Club

Here's a little preview of Zante's "big 3" - Zeros Club! Set in the centre of the strip you won't miss the giant neon sign as you walk past, or the amazing outside bar. It's a must!

Zeros Hosts the biggest weekly foam party every Friday with over 2000 people, and is the afterparty venue for Total Karnage which is fucking insane!

It's specialist drinks include the Flaming Lamborgini, Thai buckets and the screaming orgasam cocktail (girls only!)

Make sure to use your ThisisZante Discount Wristbands to get buy 1 get 1 free cocktails every night before midnight and complimentary queue jump!

Plus Club Zante - Featured Club

Zante Paint Party

Plus Club is one of the best clubs in Zante! Right on the main strip with an outside bar to relax at with some drinks before heading inside for The Paint Party. 

It's one of Zante's most well known venues, with fire shows outside, an amazing sound system inside and host of Mondays Paint Party which is insane!

You'll also get buy 1 get 1 free drinks with your Zante Discount Wristbands!

Clubs in Zante - Info

Clubs in Zante open later than in the UK, and shut later too! If you're close to the beach you'll pass Cherry Bay, before heading up to the big 3 - Zeros, Rescue and Cocktails & Dreams before hitting Fishbowl and Plus a little further up - with loads in between! So pre drink, head out about 10pm, drink in some bars before hitting it hard until it gets light in the morning.

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