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Events CalendAr Zante September 2019

September has Zante's amazing closing parties but don't come too late! Generally the 1st-15th are packed with the end of peak season and closing parties, with things getting slightly quieter after that, with most clubs closed by the end of the month!

Below is an events calendar Monday-Sunday for the first 2 weeks of September - email us on for more info on the rest of the month - or if you have any questions! 🙂


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If there's one event you make sure you do in Zante 2019 it's Rum & Raybans! 

And it's closing party is in September! 

It's been Zante's biggest boat party for the last few years with huge shows, unlimited free shots all night as standard, celeb & artist appearances, firework displays, champagne diving & tons more! 400 insane party goers get tickets every week!

You'll be part of the most amazing event, and don't worry if you drink too much and forget, there's a professional photographer to capture it all on board! All pictures go up on our Facebook after each week for free downloading!

5 Things to know about Rum & Raybans in September 2019

  • It's Zante's Biggest Boat Party
  • You get Free Shots ALL Night
  • It's the NO.1 Sell out Event, so be quick!
  • Previous guests include Tom Zanetti, Official Nancie, Raye & more!
  • Over 700 people on Two Boats smashed the Rum & Raybans Festival last summer!


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#Europes Biggest

Total Karnage Zante 2019 is set to be insane once again! Get your place and race 100's of others from Bar to Bar finishing up in the amazing Zeros Club. Come in the top 50 and get a discounted bar as an extra!

You'll get your ticket and T Shirt included in the price so with 4 dates confirmed for June don't miss out... and get ready to start training for Total Karnage!

5 Things to know about Total Karnage in September 2019

  • You Get a FREE T shirt and FREE Superclub After Party Entry!
  • The first 50 winners get a discounted bar all night!
  • It's Europe's Biggest!
  • Zeros Club where the after party is held is INSANE!
  • 8 Bars, 8 Stamps. When you know, you'll know!

Zante Events September 2019

Early - Mid September is the end of Peak in Zante so it's packed! If you're off in September make sure to check this page - ThisisZante will make sure we update you on all the biggest and best events going on!  Check them out below as well as our tips for September!  You WILL have a ridiculously good time!

Tips for September

Until mid September is still PEAK Zante time so if you want to make sure that you get your place at the best events then book before as it is a total sell out! Save yourself the pain of being disappointed!

Again it's HOT - Seriously HOT So for any daytime events and the booze cruise (which begins when it's hot & sails into the evening) make sure you wear some sun cream! If you go after about the 20th September just bring one jumper in case you get a day of rain!