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Zante Hotel Guide

Zante Hotel Guide

Welcome to the 2019 Zante Hotel Guide!  So - you have probably seen Zante nightlife & Zante 2019 events but what about where you will be staying!?  We have reviewed some of Zante's most popular hotels - so have a read - get excited & get ready for Zante 2019!  Here is your hotel guide!

On this page we reviw the Vivian Hotel Zante, Bluebell Hotel Zante, Ionis Art Hotel Zante & Savvas Hotel Zante for 2019 based on 2018!  Scroll down to the bottom for more Zante hotel reviews & guides!


Bluebell Hotel 

Zante Review

Location: 5 minutes from the main strip and 2 from the beach – no taxi’s required unless you’re literally crawling due to alcohol! Bang on!

Quality: What it lacks in quality it makes up in atmosphere! Bluebell is a crazy Hotel and is a real party palace! Average rooms and size but freaking lively!

Other: Bluebell was once virtually the only place you could take a girl or guy back to your Zante hotel room without having to pay extra! We will see what 2019 will bring & keep you updated!

Go there if: You’re an animal! Love partying – Want to save a bit more to spend on holiday! You're only in your hotel room to sleep & pre drink anyway most of the time!


Ionis Art Hotel 

Zante Review

Location: A fantastic location right on the laganas strip! Literally right on it! A 2 minute walk from the beach with Maccy D’s, Red Castle & KFC all right on the doorstop as well as all the bars, clubs & local alcohol shops!

Quality: About as nice as you can get in Zante! Comfy modern accommodation and a nice pool to go with! Always a great atmosphere and rooms very clean!

Other: Helpful staff – although you probably won’t need them most of the week!

Go there if: You're not the type of person to smash your TV (Ionis is one of the only places you get one!) & If you want to be ON the strip & don’t mind some 4am noise!

We have a FULL longer Review of Ionis Art Hotel here

Vivian Hotel 

Zante Review

Location: About an 8 minute walk from the MAIN strip but right next to a couple of great bars! (legends bar is a must!) – Taxi recommended for those legless at night but wont cost you more than 8 euros!

Quality: Really spacious rooms – nice balconies and generally high quality!

Other: One of the Thisiszante team once sneaked back into the Vivian with a girl and hid from security who found him hiding in a wardrobe! Needless to say the next night he sneaked back in with her and actually managed to stay the night! security IS very strict though so play nice!

Go there if: You want to be slightly off the strip – Want a very clean and nice hotel – Don’t mind a small walk to and from the strip

Savvas Hotel 

Zante Review

Haha Savvas!  The king of bad reviews!  But on a serious note - if you don't expect too much - then you don't need to worry! 🙂

Location: Bang on the strip! No messing about – Savvas you will HEAR from both ends of the strip just before midnight as pre drinks get messy!

Quality: Low! You may have read the reviews – it aint no palace! BUT you get what you pay for and Savvas is full of crazy nutters who saved that extra £100 quid because they will probably quite literally only be in the hotel to sleep and in it’s bar to drink! If you know what to expect then you will be fine!

Other: It’s noisy! Did we mention that!?

Go there if: You’re a bit of a party animal and don’t mind some dodgy conditions in return for a crazy week!  The key to Savvas is realising that you will ONLY be in your hotel to sleep & pre drink! It's not even Bluebell standards but that's ok! Those who do think its great value (and it is really cheap!)