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Free Zante Nightlife Guide

Get your Free Zante Nightlife Guide

Coming to Zante in 2018? Then make sure you check out the best Clubs, Bars, Restaurants and Events in Laganas! The home of 18-30s and the most insane mile long strip you'll ever see with over 100 clubs and bars at your feet!


  • The Biggest & Best Sell out events in Zante
  • Where to go Quadbiking
  • A Full Spending Guide and Zante sample budgets
  • Packing Essentials you're likely to forget
  • Secret spots to visit
  • The best beaches to get over your hangover
  • The speciality  drinks that will give you a hangover
  • Money saving tips for an amazing week!



After an amazing 2017 Zante events, clubs and acts are getting bigger than ever! We loved being featured by the BBC and wow do we have plans for summer 2018 when you get here!

I'm James, I run ThisisZante with Lauren & my team here in the UK & in Zante. We are the NO.1 online 18-30's website. If you want info on Zante nightlife, special events & announcements - want to secure tickets for the biggest events on the island for your week - or want to organise group VIP perks & packages... then you're in the right place!

The first thing I'd recommend is to sign up to get your A-Z Zante nightlife guide. You'll get tons of stuff which I promise will keep you distracted from college/uni/work for at least an hour or so a week. Spending guides, first chance to get tickets, packing guides, club previews, event videos & more.

If you're still reading this i'm guessing you're super excited about Zante so sign up below and get ready for the week (or two) of your life in Zante 2017!

Speak soon,



ThisisZante.com is Zante's No1 18-30's Website & Trusted advisor for over 60,000 Zante Goers each year

Email: info@thisiszante.com 
 Telephone: 01273 921043