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Moral of the story... Do not steal!

No names but my mate pulled a whale and went back to her apartment, then cause he couldn't get hard started to have a wank, took him ages and the girl was getting dead frustrated and he eventually ended up spunking from having a wank on this girls bed while she waited for him.

She ended up raging at him and kicking him out. Another night the same lad pulled another fat bird, slept with her then stole a sleeve of cigs from her and ran out of her room -best bit was her and her mates caught him on the strip 2 days later and made him pay for the sleeve!


Crazy shit happens in Zante....

Zante - 1st night completely para ended up walking a few miles the wrong way to get back to my hotel, tripped into a ditch. Woke up couple hours later to a guy on a moped with his hand down my shorts, realizing this I kicked him off his moped and legged it.

Last night - got told by the lads that when I got back to the hotel I started wanking over an fhm mag and fell asleep naked in my mates bed. Then waking up and beating up my mate for sleeping in my bed


Simple... and just quite funny really...

Punching a picture of justin bieber to smash a window costing 70 euros to replace


Kicked out the hotel within 10 hours of landing...

Went on a lads hol to Zante ... first night we got some cans of super strength rekorderlig before heading out. Ended up getting pretty fucked before heading out and doing the strongest drinks we could find. Next thing I know my mates punching me in the face to wake me up in the morning

Turns out we'd trashed our room with blood everywhere, smashed lightbulbs and done over another room as well by throwing toothpaste everywhere. But there were only half of us there and the hotel staff were going nuts and calling the police apparently. 

Then my mate turns up with 3 girls we apparently met last night who showed us pictures of us lying in the road, and videos of my mate jumping on the bed with blood flying everywhere. Safe to say we were kciked out less than 10 hours after landing and with a 500 euro fine. Pictures attached.

lads holiday zante
zante lads holidays
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Pure Filth...

1st nite in zante turned awfully messy..... met a lad and went back to his where he woke up his pal and well... you know and what so! While we're at it and iv got my shorts down with one lad behind and my face round another lads cock... the guy who apparently was from 2 doors down from the lads room comes running in with a massive gash missing from his head, screaming about some shit with security guards running in behind him! Safe to say i that was my fun for the week and it was jus the first night!!


First Class Post...

Roasting a fat bird in her bathroom, started to come around from my pissed state...look down and realise she's a complete monster!!...

I'm smashing her from behind and regretting it...I then work out that she's way more hammered than I am so I manage to reach behind me and open the bathroom door, then reach further and open her front door...give one last swift thrust so she nuts the taps in the sink in front of her and almost buckles over unconscious...I pull out and sprint butt naked back to my apartment.

She posts my pants to my hotel two days later...