Zante Strip

Zante Strip

See the Zante Strip in Laganas - Over 100 Clubs & Bars - Video Below!

From Zeros Club, Cocktails & Dreams, Fishbowl and Rum & Raybans Ticket Office it's all on the Laganas strip in Zante! See the best right here! 

It's known as the insanity mile, full of bars, clubs, thousands of people, some standing, some crawling.

You'll also find the pre drinking shops to get you going before you come out! Just email for more info!

Watch the strip video here, if you're staying in Trinity, Ionis Art, TZante or Plaza you're literally staying on the Zante strip! So get excited!

Zante Strip - the Essential Facts to know

karnage race bar zante
  • Zeros Club
  • Fishbowl Bar
  • G Spot
  • Plus Club
  • Bubbles
rum raybans zante
  • Clubs open at midnight & close between 5am-7am
  • Avg Drinks Price for 2 cocktails & 2 shots: €7
  • It's 1 Mile of bars, clubs & Pizza slices!
  • Leads down to the beach where you'll find more clubs & bars!
  • Zeros, Cocktails & Dreams and Rescue form the BIG 3 in the centre strip

The Zante Strip - Night Time Activities

zante events 2019 2020

Zante strip at night. One Mile of pure clubs, bars and at the bottom ... beach! All the main events like the Foam Party, Karnage, Rum & Raybans meeting office, Paint Parties & tons more are on the strip and the White Party is just off it, 5 minutes along the beach!

The Zante Strip - WHAT DO TO BEFORE 11pm

zante boat party

You've got Go Karting! The meeting point for Rum & Raybans at 5:30 every Wednesday. Karnage at 9pm on Sundays! Bars, restaurants, grab a present for your gran or just walk the strip down to the beach and have a swim! There's tons of stuff to do!

The Zante Strip - Top 5 Recommendations

zante boat party

There are over 100 bars and clubs but here's out top 5 places to visit in 2019!

1) Zeros Club
2) Rum & Raybans Office to see pictures after you've been on it
3) Crazy Golf
4) Fishbowl
5) The T Shirt Printers (about 5 on the strip!) to get your Zante T Shirts to take home!

Do you want to ask about your hotel? See how close it is to the strip? Get an A-Z events calendar for your time in Zante from james or Lauren now! 🙂

Zante strip

Get the Zante Strip Guide to Clubs & Bars - Full A-Z

ZANTE STRIP Daytime Activities

Apart from being hungover there is a ton of stuff to do during the day on the strip! Heres 5 things you can do:
Play Mini Golf
Go Karting
The Gym (Jokes but there is actually one on the strip for any insane people)
Get smashed during the day!

Zante strip prices are good! This is not Ibiza! You can pick up some decent pre drinks for under 15 euros each and get hammered. Restaurants do anything from full on meals for 15 euros to a hot dog & chips for 3 euros and mini golf is cheap AND you're encouraged to have a few beers on your round. Perfect!

It's over 1.2 miles long! Depending on where your hotel is on the strip or just off it, you'll be anywhere from 1-20 minutes away from everything else on the main strip. Perfect, unless you're crawling from a hangover in which case double the time!

And if you make it to the water...


Zante's NO.1 Sell out event is a must do if you get tickets in time!

With Free Shots All Night, Zante's only Double Boat Party Festivals, Guests like Tom Zanetti and more.