Work in Zante 2015

Zante Workers 2015 - Working Abroad in Zante, how and why you need to do it!

Jobs in Zante are quite frankly... the best jobs you will ever had!  Read a little story below & gear up for the summer of a lifetime! Accommodation info & pictures are on their way!


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Hi guys!

Let us tell you about Jade. She had finished college with average results, nothing special and deciding if she wanted to go to University or not.  She lived at home with her parents and had a boring job she had been doing for almost 10 months since she finished.  Quite frankly... she had nothing better to be doing...

So that is the exact reason she decided to book a flight and accommodation just 2 months away to work abroad, in a country she hadn't even been to before... and it was the best decision she ever made!  She has also come back every year since to work!  An amazing tan, working with friends, partying afterwards and a beach literally on her doorstep - much better than working in BOOTS - don't ya think?
If you do then you are the type of person we want to work in Zante in 2014!  So get your ass in gear like Jade & treat yourself to the summer of a lifetime!  At the very least you'll get an amazing tan - at the most you will discover a way of life you always dreamed of!  As well as life long friends, amazing memories and much much more! Get your ass in gear here and take a peak at this video

Be like Jade!

Love ThisisZante

p.s. Most Zante workers come back for 3 or even 4 seasons.... must be something to do with how amazing it is don't ya think!? It's time to get off that fence!

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